The infertility fertility clinic Olimed

 infertility fertility clinicThe infertility/fertility clinic OLIMED in Varna was founded in 1997 by Dr. Margarita Monastirska.
The Medical Center operates as a facility for fertility treatments with high IVF success. The fundamental principle of operation lies in the individual approach of couples and individual patients and we will guide you through the IVV and ICSI process.
The clinic is one of the few medical facilities that operate targeted and thorough male infertility using ICSI.

Olimed is located on the first and third floor of a private surgical hospital Professor T. Temelkov, Trakia Square, Varna.

Qualified molecular biologists and embryologists work closely together in the IVF laboratory, ensuring your treatment will have the best chance for success. The lab is equipped with all necessary equipment to perform all types of in vitro procedures, including a kryobank.

In the clinic, a wide range of infertility treatments, gynecological procedures and tests are being performed daily. Great attention is paid to the monitoring of pregnancy, not only conceived in vitro but also naturally.

Early diagnosis of congenital and genetic diseases of the fetus, utilizing latest generation ultrasound equipment by qualified gynecologists, is set as a priority.


How much does IVF cost?

 infertility fertility clinic

How much does IVF cost? Calculating IVF cost can be complicated. That’s because in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other fertility treatments or infertility treatments are medical procedures. And since IVF is performed by experts and specialists it will have a price tag. Although costs will vary by region and clinic, the more invasive, involved, or complex the procedure is, the more expensive it is, generally.

  • IVF is medicine – it’s a medical procedure or procedures conducted by highly-trained doctors. Like any specialized treatment, it can be expensive.
  • It adds up – multi-step, complex treatments generally cost more; each procedure adds a cost to the total and there may be muliple treatment cycles
  • It takes time and commitment – IVF is a two-week procedure, requiring daily injections.
  • It may not work – it’s an advanced treatment with good success rates, but not 100%. Patients who have been struggling to conceive for years may pay an emotional price if the outcome is not a success.

However it’s achieved, IVF has costs associated with each point. For instance, collecting eggs ( egg retrieval egg retrievalegg retrieval ) to be fertilized requires injectable medications. Once harvested eggs may be fertilized with conventional insemination where eggs and sperm are placed in the same receptacle and allowed to meet. However, if the conventional method doesn’t work, doctors may choose intracellular sperm insemination ( intracytoplasmic sperm injection icsi ntracytoplasmic sperm injection ntracytoplasmic sperm injection icsi ), or ICSI, where a single sperm is placed (sperm is injectedsperm is injected) sperm is injected sperm is injecteddirectly into a mature egg for fertilization. There is also a technique called “assisted hatching,” where the outer shell of an embryo is either chemically or mechanically broken to allow the embryo to “hatch” more easily. This is commonly done on eggs from older women or on embryos that were created from frozen eggs.

There are also office visits and ultrasound appointments to consider and blood work blood work, possibly many, each carrying a price largely dependent on the clinic.

Money is a big consideration, but not the only one. IVF is a serious time commitment that can dictate a patient’s schedule for a couple of weeks.

But this investment of time and money isn’t the only cost. IVF is incredibly advanced, but it’s not a sure thing. And this long process can take an emotional toll.

Olimed Prices

In the ivf treatment cost below you will find the prices of the main IVF process fertility treatments. The costs are in BGN (Bulgarian Leva; (€ 1  is 1,955 Leva).

This pricelist is made on January 29, 2019. Small changes are possible. Olimed tries to show the most recent prices. As you can read, a complete IVF cost is approximately 3400 Leva (approx. € 1700 ) as you can see  ivf procedure costs aare low; the price for the medicines in Bulgaria is approximately 2500 Leva (approx. € 1250).

 IVF Price - Main ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) or in vitro fertilization process procedures

If you prefer, it is possible to buy your medicines in your home country or in another country. Olimed does not sell medicines. We have good contacts with several pharmacists here in Varna, so we can assist you to choose and find the right medicines.

  • Complete IVF treatment cost (does not include the cost of drugs) including blood tests lv. 3400 (approx. € 1700)
  • Freezing of 5-6 ova or embryos (for one year) lv. 1500 (approx. € 750)
  • Sperm freezing (one year) lv. 300 (approx. € 150)
  • Donor embryos transfer lv. 3100 (approx. € 1550)
  • Artificial insemination husband lv. 500 (approx. € 250)
  • Artificial insemination (sperm donor cost) lv. 700 (approx. € 350)
  • Average drugs for IVF treatment lv. 3500 (approx. € 1750)
  • Egg donation ( please contact us)

Olimed IVF clinic keeps the right to change the drugs prices according to the National Medicines Prices policy.