Foreign patients

Schedule for foreign patients who do not live in Bulgaria

  • Day of arrival: you will be met at the airport and bring to the hotel by a staff member of Olimed.
  • Day of intake to the clinic: This can be the same day of arrival or the next day. You will be explained about the protocol of the treatment. You can ask all the questions you have. You will get the answers and all explanations.
  • DAY 1 The first day of your monthly period. Please come to the clinic. You will be taken venous blood for hormone analysis.You will be given a printed protocol for your treatment and the medicines.
  • DAY 2: The treatment starts (short protocol). We will start with the medications. You can put your injections by yourself or come to the clinic, if you prefer to have an injection put by a medical assistant.
  • DAY 3: The first medicine continues at the same dose. The second medicine will be given.
  • DAY 4 and 5: The same as DAY 3.
  • DAY 6: You come to the clinic at the appointed time. You will be examined trans-vaginally by ultrasound (please empty your bladder). According to the reaction of your ovaries to the stimulation, the dose of the medicines will be corrected (or not). You will be taken venous blood for hormones tests.
  • DAYS 7, 8, and 9: continue with the injections.
  • DAY 10: Please come to the clinic. Ultrasound examination and hormones blood test will be performed. Pending on the results of the treatment the medicines dose will be corrected (or not). The situation will be discussed, before the end of the treatment.
  • DAY 11: Please come to the clinic. An ultrasound exam and blood tests will be taken
  • Day 12: Please come to the clinic. Usually the stimulation is enough and the ovaries are ready for ova pick up. You will be receiving the last medication, a different injection. This is the so called hCG hormone (human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a pregnancy hormone) This will trigger the time of the OVA PICK UP. You will receive a thorough written explanation about the operative procedure OVA PICK UP.
  • DAY 13: Please come to the clinic. Your husband (partner) will submit semen fluid by ejaculation. OVA PICK UP: It is made under short general intra venous anesthesia, right at the time, stated. It lasts 20-30 minutes. You awake right after the procedure is ended. For about 2 hours afterwards you will stay in a bed and you will be followed up. The same day fertilization of the oocytes (eggs) will be performed with your husband (partner) processed spermatozoa.
    In the next 3-5 days the embryos will be followed up into the incubator. You will be told their development every day (by phone or face to face). According to the stage of the development the day of EMBRYO TRANSFER will be performed. You will receive a new medicine, Progesteron to take it orally or trans-vaginally for the next 20 days.
  • DAY of the EMBRYO TRANSFER (ET) (around DAY 18 of the menstrual period): Please come to the clinic. You will be advised to empty your bladder in the morning and don’t do it anymore, until the transfer will be performed. We need not an empty bladder this time. The procedure is not painful. We will discuss the final stage of embryo development and together we will decide how many embryos to place into the uterus. This will be performed by a thin disposable plastic catheter. 14 days after the ET you must perform a pregnancy blood test.
  • If there are embryos left after the ET they can be frozen in liquid nitrogen.
  • If the pregnancy test is positive you have to continue the medicines prescribed in the day of ova pick up. (Ultrasound) check should be performed one week after your monthly period is delayed.
  • If the test is negative, you have to stop all the medications. Call your doctor or midwife.