Everybody deserves to be a parent…


.… but not everybody gets pregnant the natural way. IVF with ICSI treatment can offer a solution. But ICSI in Europe and IVF in Europe can be high cost while health insurances only pay for a limited number of fertility treatments.

IVF and ICSI clinic Olimed

Here in Bulgaria, we might be able to help you with in vitro fertilisation fertility treatments including for those with endometriosis and male infertility. From Ultrasound scan to embrio transfer we offer the best IVF and ICSI treatment imaginable at low treatment costs. We will explain what is ICSI with IVF and have a range of sperm donor and egg donor options.

So whether you need treatment, donor sperm, donor eggs or invitro fertilisation and embrio transfer, we are here to help.

The clinic is located in beautiful Varna, at the Black Sea. So, while getting an IVF treatment, you may want to enjoy the beach and visit the ancient city.

You will be most welcome in our clinic,

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Dr. Margarita Monastirska Gynaecologist and Fertility Doctor, Medical Manager


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Prof. Temelkov hospital
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